Our landscaping services enable you to enhance the exterior of your property by incorporating various elements such as shrubs, flowerbeds, low walls and more. Our team of experts can carry out all types of projects tailored to your needs.


Complete Landscaping

Our complete landscaping service consists of a full range of services for the design, layout, maintenance and renovation of residential and commercial gardens and green spaces. This service includes the design of landscaping plans, the installation of lawns, gardens and flowerbeds, the construction of low walls, patios, terraces and paths, and the installation of irrigation systems.


Paving Stone Installation
and Repair

We offer installation and repair services for interlocking paving stones. This material, composed of cement sand and natural aggregates, is eco-responsible and timeless. Interlocking paving stones are ideal for enhancing your home's exterior appearance without the need for special maintenance.


Wall Installation
and Repair

We install and repair low walls. These walls, made of various materials such as stone, concrete, brick and more, are commonly used to delineate a section of our property when landscaping. This process can be quite complex, which is why it's important to call on our team of experts at MJL Paysagiste Outaouais.


Installation of Flowerbeds

To enhance the beauty of your property, we can install flowerbeds. Our team stands out for its innovative and creative approach. We'll guide you through the design process to maximize and transform your space so that your flowerbeds are properly integrated into the landscape.


Laying Turf Rolls

To embellish your lawn and prevent weeds, we offer a sod roll installation service. Applying a roll of turf makes for a dense, impeccably green lawn.


Site Levelling

Our team of professionals at MJL Paysagiste Outaouais offers a site levelling service to make the necessary corrections to your land, whether it's flat or sloping, according to the needs of your landscaping plan.


Mini Excavation

Our team offers a mini excavation service. This is based on the same principle as construction excavation, only on a smaller scale. Mini excavation allows us to dig, if necessary, in a smaller area to complete your project.


Coping Installation
and Repair

Our experts at MJL Paysagiste Outaouais offer coping installation and repair services. Enhance the look and finish of your basement windows with our coping installation and repair service. These copings are available in many styles and models to suit your requirements.


Drain Installation

We offer drain installation and repair services. Not having an exterior drain can cause a lot of damage to your property, especially in the basement. Installing a drain helps prevent the accumulation of water in the deeper areas outside, caused by heavy rains and melting snow. To avoid any problems caused by our climate, call on our drain installation experts at MJL Paysagiste Outaouais!


Fence Installation
(wood, aluminum, PVC)

To give you more privacy and delimit your property, we offer a fence installation service. You'll be able to choose from different materials for your fence, including wood, aluminum and PVC. We guarantee a quality service that complies with municipal regulations and meets your needs and desires. Don't hesitate to put your trust in our fence installation experts at MJL Paysagiste Outaouais.


Pergola Installation

Our team of experts at MJL Paysagiste Outaouais has been providing pergola installation services for many years. That's how we came to specialize in pergola installation. This durable structure creates a shaded area that gives you more privacy without cluttering up your space. Our pergolas are made of aluminum, giving them a modern yet sophisticated look that will provide you with a relaxing spot.


Many other
services on request

For all other landscaping services, please contact our team, who will be happy to answer your questions.

Contact us today for a quote or for more information about your project!

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MJL Paysagiste Outaouais is proud to offer services that meet your expectations, no matter what the scope of your project. By working with landscaping experts, you can be sure that your investment will be reflected on your property. For all your landscaping needs, contact our team of experts at MJL Paysagiste Outaouais!

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