Our renovation service gives you everything you've been dreaming of for years. Our renovation experts at MJL Paysagiste Outaouais offer a range of services to help you bring your home back to life.

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Home Renovation

For all your home renovation projects, MJL Paysagiste Outaouais is the solution. Our home renovation service transforms your rooms, from kitchens to bathrooms. Get the home of your dreams with our experienced and professional Outaouais team.


Wood or Composite Patio Construction

Our renovation team at MJL Paysagiste Outaouais can create custom wood or composite patios to suit your space and needs. Transform your outdoor space into a place of relaxation and conviviality with our unique, functional designs! Book an appointment and benefit from our expertise for a long-lasting patio today.


Garden Shed Construction

Our team of experienced landscapers at MJL Paysagiste Outaouais offers custom garden shed construction services. From design to installation, we create sheds perfectly suited to your outdoor storage needs. Trust our team of construction and renovation experts for your garden shed!


Garage Construction

At MJL Paysagiste Outaouais, we offer a complete garage construction and installation service. Whether you need extra parking or a practical space, we design quality garages. Add value to your property and treat yourself with extra space!


Gazebo and Pergola Construction

Create an enchanting outdoor space with our gazebo and pergola design and installation service by our renovation experts at MJL Paysagiste Outaouais. Add a touch of beauty to your garden or terrace. We offer full service with our custom-built structures. Contact us today to transform your backyard into a haven of peace.

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Interior Finishing

Our finishing service adds an aesthetic touch to your living space. From paint to siding and trim, we take care of all the details to create a harmonious interior. Entrust your interior finishing project to our renovation experts at MJL Paysagiste Outaouais and transform your Outaouais home!

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Doors and Windows Installation

It's important to change your doors and windows when you realize that they are no longer effective in performing their basic functions. If they no longer offer you light, insulation or even security, it's essential to change them. It's also possible to change your windows and doors for a more aesthetic look. Whatever the reason, our renovation team at MJL Paysagiste Outaouais will meet your needs.


Basement Renovation

These days, it's not uncommon to buy a house without finishing the basement. That's where our renovation team at MJL Paysagiste Outaouais comes in. Once we've established your needs, we offer turnkey basement renovation. We also offer post-disaster basement renovation.


Kitchen Renovation

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens. That's why it's so important that our kitchens match our tastes. Our renovation expertise at MJL Paysagiste Outaouais allows us to offer you a kitchen that lives up to your expectations and that you'll want to cook in. Contact us today to transform your kitchen into a gathering place.

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Bathroom Renovation

Looking for a more modern bathroom? No problem, our team of renovation experts at MJL Paysagiste Outaouais offers a complete or partial bathroom renovation service. Not only will we give your bathroom a new look, but we'll also build a storage space to match. We promise to build you a bathroom that meets your needs.



Give your walls a makeover by contacting us to paint or re-paint your home. It's always easier to call in the professionals to paint your walls. Thanks to our team of renovation experts at MJL Paysagiste Outaouais, you won't have to worry about staining your floor while painting.

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Many other services on request

For any other renovation work not listed on our site, don't hesitate to contact us!

Contact us today for a quote or for more information about your project!

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MJL Paysagiste Outaouais is proud to offer services that meet your expectations, no matter what the scope of your project. By working with renovation experts, you can be sure that your investment will be reflected in your property. For all your renovation needs, contact our team of experts at MJL Paysagiste Outaouais!

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